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About Me
Astha Dixit is an actor, Indian Kathak dancer, and an author of her memoirs, titled 'Door to Heaven'.

About Me

Astha is an Actress, Dancer, and Choreographer, and Author who was born India and raised in Los Angeles, California. She studied Computer Engineering at UCLA. She acted in two hit Indian movies and being an Internationally-acclaimed Classical Indian Danseuse in the Art form of Kathak, she is also known for her adaptation of Sufi or devotional dancing. She is married and resides in the USA. She is inspiring others as a life coach and TEDx speaker.

In this book, Door to Heaven, she wrote the journey of her life and how she approached the chance to realize her dreams and become a successful character. Based entirely on true events in her life, this book encapsulates her incredible spiritual journey as a performing artist with the lessons she learns along the way.

Her book that just started as her sharing her dance journey with people turned out to be featured on so many talk shows, podcasts, and public events. For example, Workmob, just shared her story and Kathak Ka Chakkar, which is an inspiring Podcast just interviewed her.


'I'm so excited about the momentum that my memoirs in Door to Heaven is generating. I hope that you too will revel in this book and be touched by this..." The book was published by ZorbaBooks.

During the Covid an article that had been sitting on the back of her mind was received by Times of India in their blogs. This is a must read!!

She spoke on TEDx about her passion and creativity and performed a Classical Indian dance.

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