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A New India

Lack of proper education is one of the underlying reasons for rape, violence and human brutality. These men are actually victims of deprivation. They have not been given the proper tools, training, and guidance to make them better human beings.

The trouble is that we as a nation did not understand the value of education. 

We went far out for solutions but did not invest in the fundamental system of schools and educational institutions. It is a pity that the country's literacy rate is still at 74%.

Education gives birth to the intellect and shifts a human being from his body to mind and ultimately to his spirit. It instills confidence, social values, and uplifts the human potential. It also brings humility, which is fundamental to human development. 

Probably the government is on the right track with Article 21-A and the RTE Act. But until it takes effect, we will continue to hear stories of pain, suffering, and senseless brutality. Let's pray that these measures put into place by the government do what is necessary to eradicate these incidences and awaken a new consciousness in a land that used to be so awake.

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