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Find your Happiness Blog - Author of best selling book.

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Why happiness must come first and then everything else. Find your Happiness with bestselling author, Astha Dixit.

We need to prioritize happiness, moment to moment.

Is it a fleeting feeling? Like a bird passing by? Or does it come at a certain point after hard work? Perhaps when you achieve that milestone or earn that paycheck? Is it an investment? That will pay you back at a later time? Or is it something you collect over the tiny moments of life and then when you have enough of it, you can say you’ve lived a life of happiness? Is it spread over, like a necklace of pearls, each pearl being one moment of happiness felt, and the necklace being your entire life?

I remember wondering as a child what if someone or something could come along and give us so much happiness that it can it remain and last with us forever. I wondered this as a child and it may not be everyone’s curiosity, but whatever the reason for asking these questions, we do need to know ourselves the true source of this much-needed commodity before the strong currents of life sweep us in one direction or another. Do we not? Life asks us to question the meaning of love and happiness at every fold.

I grew up in Los Angeles and graduated as a Computer Engineer from UCLA. I had a bright future in my technical field. But I chose a drastically different path after reaching a lucrative milestone, while I was working as a Business Analyst at Deloitte Consulting. I moved to India in dreams of becoming a professional actor, dancer and choreographer. I starred in two full-length feature films in the movie industry. And then I went on to becoming a trained expert danseuse in a style of North Indian classical dance. I choreographed many solo and group ballets that we performed on internationally recognized platforms. I even collaborated with an middle-eastern company working on a dance theatre styled production in the Middle East which we performed in five different countries’ festivals and opera houses. People saw me dancing on stage or on TV and started recognizing my face.

I faced a period of struggle after that that included depression and anxiety that only I knew. No-one saw it as the entire focus in those years was on my performances. Even if they did see it, it was well-covered up by the make-up and colorful costumes that I was always wearing. Anyhow that period didn’t last as I had the courage to come out of it and write it all down in my book. Then shortly after I moved back to the US and got married. I realized that my purpose was to share this journey with others. There was a deeper meaning to my struggles and that is what, Door to Heaven, my memoirs are all about.

Happiness is in the moment. You can invest in your own happiness by taking steps in the right direction, and the good news is, it is here to stay if you can give and share happiness with others.

We have each landed upon something that has brought happiness to us. But how come it didn’t last and it is no longer like that? What needs to be done to bring us closer to ourselves and that feeling of happiness?

Some questions about happiness I get asked.

Q. How can I be in the here and now and experience bliss?

Your experience is the present moment. It means it can only be experienced in the now; it cannot be experienced in the future or past. Do something that brings you to this present moment. Surprise yourself with total creativity. My best method is I turn on Zumba music and jump up and down to dance music beats. Or I go take a job outside in the fresh breeze. Only you know what can bring you in the present moment.

Q. Can I invest in long-term happiness?

You can certainly invest in your long-term happiness by taking certain steps in – building career, friendship, love, and relationships, including the one with yourself. And lastly, it is the easiest to understand is that a person who shares happiness with others is in a state of happiness himself.

Q. Can happiness be earned by living a self-less life?

One may do good deed in hopes of a better future.

Q. What is the state of true happiness?

One that you have attained within yourself. One that doesn’t depend on outside circumstances or people to exist.

Happiness comes from knowing who we are. We all know that outside circumstances keep changing and there is nothing outside of us that we can depend on. The world can change on us, but our inner state should not change. So, we need to find the happiness within by finding our purpose.

It cannot be going to work every day, looking forward to the next vacation or looking forward to buying that bigger house. If you think about it, the simple comfort of a roof over our head, how come that has become the pursuit of it all?

One has to know that they belong here and what their purpose here is. What greater good do they bring to society? Only then they can contribute to society and bring a change.

We are all seeking for happiness or the meaning of happiness outside. We need to really slow down and look at ourselves in a fast-paced world and reflect on the true meaning of life for each of us. It could be something as simple as dance or expression as it was for me. It take courage to see it and even more to dedicate yourself to it. If we find our own happiness, we can direct our actions towards it and then that becomes the source and then we become the master of our own lives.

Astha Dixit is a high-performance coach, dancer, and choreographer, and actor. She has published her memoirs, Door to Heaven, now available on Amazon in various countries.

She is a recognized trained classical dancer and she shares her training on her website

and Facebook and Instagram (@asthadance). She is an actor now residing in the US.

She inspires other talking about her passion for dancing TEDx.

Her blogs and articles have been featured in many publications especially in the highly esteemed Times of India Blogs.

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