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How to fight the Covid-19?

"Make sure to keep a two meter distance." "Don't forget to wash your hands with soap, or use a sanitizer." These are the things we are used to hearing in the new world of Covid-19. As we have encountered death in rising numbers, we have come to realize one thing - life must not be taken for granted. So what is it going to take to face the "New World?" India should make an app that is mandatory for all to download that keeps track of every person that comes near you within a two meter radius. If anyone develops any signs or symptoms of the Virus, this app is updated so that everyone in the chain is notified and can then self-isolate. In the world of 'tik tok' and 'twitter' where even the common man carries a phone, this shouldn't be a difficult task. With all the young talent sitting at home these days what better way to use their brilliant minds. As the symptoms can take up to two weeks to manifest, this app will give an early warning to people to self-isolate and observe. 

Countries such as Singapore and North Korea are already making use of such technologies. India has been talking about doing something of this sort; as long as it detects each person within a two meter radius and the Covid cases get registered on the app. With a country of over one billion, how long can we keep everyone in a lockdown?

In this new era, where each minority party comes forward to make its social agenda heard, we need to be clear about one thing. Are we going to keep fighting the Virus, or are we going to step forward and break the chain that created this nasty disease?

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