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My True Heart's Desire - Poem

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

You are my true heart's desire I see you in a distant shadow

Faintly seen from across Yet you are not clearly visible;

Again and again you disappear A complete stranger in the shadow My heart yearns for more; yet you remain unseen.

I seem to know you from somewhere

Do I know you from before? Am I seeing you after some time?

What is your name? Hello, how do you do? Nice to meet you. We are meeting after so long. Don't really need to go through these formalities? Oops, there you go again;

Once again back to your old habits. Don't disappear this time. For YoursTruly 'madira' may not survive this storm.

Madira' is poets nickname. © 2 months ago love friendship hope personal misc adult

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Hina Ajmal
Hina Ajmal
Oct 10, 2021

Are you an INFP Astha ? :) If you don't know what that is, do take this test and let me know :

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