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Woman in the Forefront

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

A recent interview of Kangana Ranaut has exposed the entire Bollywood Industry nexus. We have been hearing stories about young girls being misused by the industry for a long time, but one could never have imagined that things were that bad.

Many young aspiring artists like myself have had dreams of entering the Bollywood Film Industry since a very young age. Now if something or someone prevented us from entering into that market of butchers, we feel blessed.

For the longest time I wanted to go back to Bombay after leaving my acting career in the South Indian Film Industry behind. I have always given dance a higher priority in my life, so I consciously left my career as an actress behind choosing dance as my love and passion. But there came a point in my life where I started missing my days as an actress in the Telugu Cinema.

I remember the day my film was released. We struggled to come out of the cinema hall as the crowds all around us were not letting us pass. Even all that fame and the supposed power of an actress didn't hold me back from pursuing my real dream.

I became a lead dancer for many of Muzaffar Ali's musicals and travelled through the Opera Houses of the Middle East with my own dance company. I danced with my Gurus at many of the top festivals of the country lit against the backdrop of historical monuments of India. I even starred in a historical play where I played 'Noor,' the most adored court dancer in the palace.

Three years ago, I went to Mumbai once again to try my luck. I chose a one bedroom apartment ten minutes away from my best friend from the US. My flat rested on a hill right opposite the street from Mehboob Studios. Every day on my jog to the beach, I would pass by Sharukh Khan's house. As I walked into The Lands End to get my daily cup of coffee, I used to wonder what it would take to get back into the film industry.

I almost regretted walking away from my moment of fame ten years before. I spoke to one producer and one casting director and realized one thing right away: Things are not going to be as straight forward as I had hoped. My best moments as an actress in the South had always been my dances, that were a superhit in the two movies that I starred in: Chandrahas and Pellania Kothalo along with a few cheeky romantic scenes with the lead actor cum producer. My immediate instinct was to contact Sanjay Leela Bhansali and ask him to feature me in a song, even as an "item girl."

It is clear that Kanganas's struggle is a story on it's own as she has fought many battles and struggled with some of the big Bollywood families. One day my dad came to visit me in Mumbai and when he asked me if there was anything I needed, I told him that I was desparate for money to kick-start my own production as I was not getting any leads into the kinds of projects that I was looking for.

I had already contacted some members of my family to connect me to some of the top actors of the industry at that time. Every time I followed up with them, they told me that their friends were out on a shoot or had their phone switched off or some excuse or another. I called everyone I knew, but I never got any direct leads.

Eventually my dance projects pulled me back from Mumbai to Delhi and I started touring again. I was happy to come back as anyway I was not given any importance in the short time I was there in Mumbai. It was very different from the way it was in the South.

Kangana has spoken up about the entire industry and ended my hopes of ever going back to Bollywood. What good is an industry if it doesn't even give credit to its own artists? Artists should be at the top rung of the ladder next to the producer and the director. At this point, I am grateful for my dance, my ghunghroos, and a community of artists where hard work leads to respect.

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Sep 30, 2020

I have immense respect for this woman. She has been exposing the dirty secrets of bollywood from day 1. Ever since then People tried to declared her mentally ill. the sushant case has opened the eyes of the public and has given us a reality check of ' all that glitters is not gold' .

💪🏻we can have many brave woman but we can never have another Kangana!


Malvika Sharma
Malvika Sharma
Sep 07, 2020

I seriously feel so disheartened after knowing the current situation of an artists. We need to come up together to do something about the same.

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