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A Point of view

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

After the interview with #RheaChakraborty that has been aired on every news channel in India, it is apparent that this woman has been made to look like a manipulative and crafty woman, when in fact she is just as much in question of who or what is behind the death of her loved one. In fact she is still very much in love with Sushant and is probably grieving harder than anyone else. The babbling media journalist of the Republic Network is continuously making arrest claims on her while her and her family are suffering behind the scenes. The people that come on the show speak about her being guilty as if they know everything. This clearly shows that the media can make anything seem like the truth. Thankfully this case has reached a stage where it is inevitable that the truth will come out and we can rest knowing that justice will be served.  #JusticeforSushantSinghRajput

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